Ofra Anker. MA and UKCP Reg., AB-ISTDP

Psychotherapy Supervision Consultation

Ofra Anker

During lockdown and until further notice I am available for therapy online

Ofra Anker is a UKCP registered psychotherapist with over 25 years' experience as a counsellor, psychotherapist, supervisor and group facilitator. Ofra worked for 26 years as a senior faculty member at a private training centre in North London, training students in counselling and psychotherapy. She uses both an integrative therapeutic approach and a psychodynamic, emotionally focused approach (ISTDP), which means that she calls upon an extensive range of maps, models and understanding from various theoretical systems, which include psychodynamic, systemic, CBT, psychosynthesis, and Gestalt.

The ISTDP approach is an active and emotionally focused form of psychotherapy. Like psychodynamic psychotherapy, it aims to unlock and resolve the root causes for many emotional/psychological problems. It can be used as an effective treatment for people suffering with anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, self-defeating, or even self-distractive patterns of behaviour. It can also help resolve health problems that have a psychological origin.

Ofra works with adult individuals and couples from diverse and varied backgrounds.

During the initial consultation Ofra will assess the presenting emotional problem/s and will recommend an approach to best serve the therapeutic process.

Ofra offers both short and long-term therapy, tailored to meet your needs.

Ofra is also a supervisor with over 20 years' experience, providing supervision to students, graduates and qualified psychotherapists.

For nearly 15 years Ofra was involved with UKCP which is the umbrella body for counselling and psychotherapy professions in the UK. Amongst her many other roles with the organisation, she was the chair of HIPC Assessment Board for 10 years, and a trustee on UKCP Board of Trustees.

Ofra has retired from her work with UKCP as well as from her work as a senior teacher/ trainer and she now devotes her professional life entirely to her private practice as a psychotherapist and a supervisor.


MA Psychotherapy Middlesex University

UKCP registrant

PG Dip Psychosynthesis Counselling

PG Dip Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy

Dip Supervisor (UKCP Listed)

Dip Relationship Skills (for work with couples and relationship issues in general)

Honorary Diploma from The London Institute of Psychosynthesis

Certificate Diploma ISTDP Psychotherapy from ISTDP UK

Accrediting Bodies
Validation Awards
  • UKCP

For the Professional

Ofra Anker offers supervision, training and consultancy.


Ofra is an experienced supervisor, offering individual and group supervision. She is flexible in her approach and supervises psychotherapists and counsellors who are qualified and experienced and also those who are still in training. Ofra believes that supervision is fundamental in the welfare of the client. As a supervisor she facilitates a supportive climate for the supervisee to review their case load and reflect upon their clients. Ofra encourages and supports the supervisee to adopt a wider perspective in their work.

Therapeutic Supervision

Ofra offers therapeutic supervision to experienced counselors and psychotherapists. The supervision consists of exploring the therapist’s personal impacts within the therapeutic relationship (countertransference). Ofra has many years of experience, working with the complexity and intricacy of the relationship between therapist and client/patient.

Training and Consultancy

Ofra provides mentoring; coaching; consultancy and teaching to individuals and groups and organisations. She makes use of and combines coaching and mentoring techniques with psychotherapeutic ones, calling upon a wealth of knowledge and experience.

She is passionate about communication/relational skills and teaching individuals the art of:

  • Effective communication
  • Developing emotional intelligence
  • Developing inter and intra personal skills
  • How unconscious processes operate symbolically in daily life
  • Understanding what happens in groups’ dynamics
  • Building and creating confident working relations


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During lockdown and until further notice I am available for therapy online